What can I tell you about me?


Legends spun around his origins are as varied as they are vast, yet the stories with rich pagan themes of ‘the howling full moon birth to a band of gypsies in the spanish highlands’ was just a scotch-soaked tale overheard around the crackling late night fire. And while the documented history tames in comparison, the spirit of this man fares well in the realm of myth, for it is just as vast and rugged around the edges. The first line of his memoir reads: “I returned from three years in Spain the day Elvis died; he knew a new king was inbound…”
Born on the cusp of a new moon in Leo in the year of the Apollo 13 mission, Johnny P. Lace first landed on the western shores of the US – the youngest of 3 children to unassuming limey parents – and began a life rich in adventure, craftsmanship and good company. A self proclaimed idiot savant, he found his calling in a drawing class for non-art majors in college, and pursued his artistic genius in bursts of creative happenings in between building some of the most noteworthy homes in the rocky mountain west. Recently, his devilishly handsome and ridiculously charming persona has been spotted at Jetty’s Espressoria for his namesake breakfast, coffee, headlines and the star count from the daily horoscope before he sets to work in his Boulder, CO studio.
His original works are sought by esteemed art collectors and first-time collectors across the country