John Lace - Artist


John Lace is an artist residing in the wilds of Boulder, Colorado.  It's possible to get a rare glimpse of him in his natural habitat,  talking to cows and chickens or walking aimlessly while harvesting and masticating wild asparagus.  Known to many,  but liked by few, he spends his days thinking about paintings and, occasionally, painting.  At the moment, he likes to make big paintings of weird things he dreams up, or paintings that people actually want and pay him for.  "I like cookies...", is his answer to most queries,  and sometimes just a blanket statement he'll utter when in mixed company.  John is tolerated by his loving wife Cassandra who is constantly exasperated by his unwillingness to learn how to spell correctly.  His big brother Rob barely tolerates him but is kind enough to take photos of his artwork and of him stumbling around in the fields where he lives.



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